12/2011 Statistics
Total Impressions: 134138 Unique Viewers: 60667
Total Traffic: 35.90 Terabyte

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What is a impression?
A impression means the Livestream at least succesfully started to play, it is triggered as soon the player opens the stream (after buffering period). One real unique user can trigger multiple impressions as example by reloading the player or visiting your stream multiple times a day.

What are unique users?
Unique users are the real number of single persons who at least watched your stream for a small period of time.

What is total traffic?
The amount of data transfered from our own CDN to regame.tv viewers.

Stats update time

Stats for the current day or any selected single day are fetched from the database directly. Global stats for the current month are updated every 2 hours. Peak time graph is in CEST Timezone.