All Videos are served from our mediacluster, you can seek most streams without interruption and they are compatible to the iPhone and iPad. For browsers without any flash plugin we provide a LQ H264/AAC Fallback (embedded with a html5 video tag) and of course the download possibility for your video.

    Livestream Network
    We operate a own cost-effective based Livestreaming CDN in Europe with outstanding peering to International Providers and Exchanges such as the DE-CIX, AMS-IX and more.

    Our CDN currently has a cappacity of more then 25 POPs and around 35 Gigabit/s own managed network capacity (Status 11/2011, constantly growing). For Overcapacity streams our network automaticaly uses external capacity of commercial CNDs like Level3, Highwinds and Edgecast to delivery you with the best possible service.

Clavain Technologies Ltd.
Field: Streaming, Consulting
Location: Z├╝rich, CH
Employes: 3