we launched reGame.tv (previously sc-streams.com) after we seen some Starcraft II Casters in action and fell in love with this kind of entertainment. The rebranding in May 2011 opened the platform for other Games. We also operate a B2B OVP solution for e-sport related companys called reGame Bucket which enables API access to our VOD and Liveinfastructure to create similar livestream and vod platforms under a own brand.

    After Sign-Up and completly free you can:

    - Upload gaming related Videos (No size and length limit)
    - Create Livestream Channels and broadcast your games or game tournaments

    Uploaded videos and streams are reviewed by our Staff. We will delete inappropriate content or content which violates our Terms of Service

    Our goal is to create a centralized Platform for High Quality and UGC gaming content. We will support all of our broadcasters if they have problems and are glad to assist with special requests like LQ and iPhone restreaming of a HQ Stream or forwarding streams to other streaming platforms like own3d.tv.

    reGame.tv helps premium quality providers and users to reach a global audience. Clavain Technologies is also a supporter of the and other e-sport related platforms.

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